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It seems as though Arab divorces are becoming more bizarre by the minute. In the most recent case, a Kuwaiti woman filed to end her marriage because her husband is always busy playing games on his PlayStation.

According to Al Qabas newspaper, the wife recently stood before a judge and asked that she is granted a divorce.

When asked what the reason behind her decision was, she hesitated to answer but then told the court it was impossible to live with her husband because he is always on his PlayStation.

The woman's testimony caused chaos in court

The wife also explained that she was left angry after her husband passed the habit on to the couple's children who are now spending hours on gaming devices.

Right after she stated the reason behind her decision, people who were in attendance during the court session broke into laughter.

The judge then asked the husband to take the stand and when he did, he said that he would grant his wife what she wanted even though he found her reasoning unjust.

Naturally, the news caused on online stir

Many just really couldn't even with the news

"Is she serious?"

Some used one word to sum all this up


Others thought the matter shouldn't have ended in divorce

"It shouldn't have ended in divorce, but it seems like he truly bothered her with this so can't really blame her."

A few completely stood behind the woman's decision though

"It's her absolute right to demand a divorce, if I were in her shoes I would have broken his PlayStation and beat him with it."

"She was married to a child"

Others reacted to the incident with sarcasm

"There was no need to take him to court over this, she should've just called child police, they'd have reasoned with him."