Left: Ghada Al Siraj, Right: Fheid Al Aieman Source: www.youtube.com

Early on Sunday, several news reports stated that the entire team behind KTV's daily show "Good Morning Kuwait" is now being investigated over an on-air blunder made by one of the show's presenters last week. 

However, speaking to Al Anba'a newspaper, the show's reporter Fheid Al Aieban refuted the reports saying:

"The latest reports aren't true, me and my colleague Ghada Al Siraj are still presenting the show on a daily basis."

Al Aieban's statement comes days after a video of an on-air gaffe, which involved him and his colleague Ghada Al Siraj, went viral on social media.

News of the investigation has been refuted but people still have a lot to say

Some think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion

"Poor thing, what did she even say, she just commented on how handsome the guy is, what's so wrong with that." 

Others are imagining how an investigation would go down

"Investigators: How do you testify Ms. Ghada?"

Some are raising this point

"I wish that such action would be taken against those who negatively affect society in their television shows. Even though I am against what this presenter did, she certainly doesn't deserve to be investigated." 

The gaffe caused a hilarious social media meltdown last week

The blunder took place during the broadcast of the October 16 episode of 'Good Morning Kuwait', a daily program aired on KTV

During one of the episode's segments, presenter Ghada Al Siraj was interviewing reporter Fheid Al Aieban. 

Moments after Al Aieban started answering a question he was asked, a female voice could be heard speaking of him, saying:

"Look how gorgeous he is... he's so handsome."

It remains unclear whether the woman who made the statement is Al Siraj or another female colleague of hers.

Soon after the live broadcast ended, a video of the hilarious gaffe went viral on social media.