Left: Ghada Al Siraj, Right: Fheid Al Aieman Source: www.youtube.com

A video of a hilarious gaffe allegedly made by a Kuwaiti presenter on live television has gone viral on social media. 

The blunder took place during the broadcast of Monday's episode of 'Good Morning Kuwait,' a daily program aired by the country's KTV. 

During one of the episode's segments, presenter Ghada Al Siraj was interviewing reporter Fheid Al Aieman. 

Moments after Al Aieman started answering a question he was asked, a female voice could be heard speaking of him, saying: 

"Look how gorgeous he is... he's so handsome." 

It remains unclear whether the woman who made the statement is Al Siraj, or another female colleague of hers. 

"She thought her mic was off"

Soon after the show aired, tweeps began sharing a video of the incident and it has since gone viral, leading to a social media meltdown of the sorts. 

At first, some people said the video might have been dubbed and edited by a troll.

However, the original episode, which was posted on KTV's official Youtube channel, reveals that the blunder did actually happen. 

People just couldn't handle the entire thing

The meltdown was too real

"I am dying!"

"Oh my!"

Naturally, a few "Ambehs" were due

"Well, who can really blame her"

"Me, if I ever become a TV presenter"

The trolling was endless...

"Maybe she was talking about the place he was at."

Some blamed the show's sound engineer

"It's clear that it's not Ghada Al Siraj because it's not her voice. Plus, the person handling the microphone's should've noticed this right after the first word was said. Where was he at?"

But, regardless

"It's not that big of a deal, she didn't do anything wrong. She just expressed her personal opinion."

"It's like when we gossip about a man when he walks by"

" I do the same thing when I spot anyone attractive"

"Emotional state = Ghada Al Siraj"