Earlier this week, Kuwaiti authorities reportedly shut down a fish store found conning its customers into buying old fish in a pretty bizarre way.  

According to the news source, the place was sticking googly eyes on the sea animals to make them seem like they were fresh. Shortly after Al Bayan tweeted images of the fish, the news went completely viral on social media, even making international headlines

Naturally, it also led to a hilarious meltdown of the sorts on social media.

The news was all over Twitter

No one could even with it

"Get her hair done and put some lenses on her, it'd look better"

"Even their fish have plastic surgery"

"Buy a fish, get a free pair of googly eyes. Bargain!"

"They cheat us even with fish"

Scam of the year?

"Well, this is new."

Who knows how many customers fell for it

People were surprised, that's a fact

"This has to be the best story of 2018"

Kuwaiti fish sellers have a new marketing strategy now