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Kuwaiti authorities issued immediate arrest warrants against numerous men and teenagers who kidnapped a teen boy, sexually assaulted and raped him in a remote area, Al Anba newspaper reported

According to the local newspaper, the victim's father filed a report with the Mina'a Abdullah Police Department after his son told him about the horrific incident. 

In his account of events, the victim said he was lured by five males - some of whom are also underage teens - after they invited him out to dinner. 

The young men asked him to get in a car with them and he did. As they drove towards a deserted area, the victim sensed something was off and tried to jump out of the vehicle. 

The abusers then held him down and took turns in assaulting him.

The horrific case sparked online outrage

"I can't believe people like this still exist." 

"There's nothing deterring these criminals, when will that end?"

Many called on authorities to take strict action

"We don't want any parliamentarian or powerful person to get into this... let them be held accountable for their actions." 

Sexual abuse against children and teenagers is not only prevalent in Kuwait

Cases of such abuse often take place in countries across the Gulf and the Arab world. However, due to social norms that shame victims and their families, many cases go unreported

Earlier this week, Saudi psychologist Dr. Hussain Al Shamarani, spoke out about the issue, stating that more often than not child victims of sexual abuse do not receive the medical and psychiatric help they need due to lack of awareness.

He also explained that he sometimes comes across cases of abuse in the kingdom, where victims of sexual assault are punished by parents or family members. 

"The consequences of both punishing the victim or remaining silent about an assault are detrimental to children who suffer from an incident of sexual abuse. Victims of such assaults need medical assistance to get through it and must be seen by doctors who'll assess their cases and provide them with the care and support they need," he stressed.