King Abdullah II bin Ali-Hussain of Jordan has finally joined Twitter, and people are loving it! In less than 24 hours, the king has garnered some 60,000 followers. 

His first tweet, which was an introduction of himself, ultimately made the rounds online, accumulating over 3,000 re-tweets and 10,000 favorites at the time of writing. 

"This is Abdullah bin AlHussein, a father and a proud Jordanian. Pleased to be with you on Twitter," he wrote

His joining Twitter comes just days ahead of the Arab League Summit, which will be hosted in Amman. 

The king's second tweet ... has all the feels

People have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Queen Rania included

Royal Jordanian too!

"Nawwar Twitter" was in order

Of course, many had to put their photoshop skills to use

Some felt they were late to the "following" game

Some wanted to grab the king's attention

Others felt more secure to have their king on Twitter

And of course ... people began welcoming him to a new kingdom: the Twitterverse