American R&B singer/songwriter Jason Derulo performed at two events hosted in Dubai nightclubs - Drai's and White Dubai - over the weekend. But his visit wasn't all work and no play ... because Derulo can't be a dull boy while in Dubai.

The star was joined by Dubai-based celebrity trainer Coach Meddy for a trip to Belhasa Farm, where he hung out with wild animals including bears and tigers.

The farm is owned by Rashed Belhasa (aka Money Kicks), who's the son of one of the wealthiest businessmen in the UAE. 

In recent years, the farm has become a celebrity hot spot, with everyone from Mariah Carey to Jackie Chan paying it a visit. 

Things weren't so different for Derulo, who toured the farm and said his time there was a "once in a lifetime experience." 

Both Coach Meddy and Derulo posted images and videos from their visit to the popular destination on social media.

Derulo had a blast at the farm

His posts sent fans into a meltdown

To say the least

"This is so cool"

Derulo sure loves the Dubai experience

Derulo kept his Instagram up-to-date throughout his trip to the emirate and made sure to post gorgeous images capturing the views of Dubai. 

His uploads included several stories that captured him vacationing in the city. 

From announcing his Dubai invasion (2019)

It definitely wasn't his first time in the country (April 2018)

Fancy cars and stuff (December 2018)

He obviously enjoys Dubai every time he's there (February 2018)

Dubai isn't the only Arab city Derulo takes pleasure in. Are these the pyramids we see behind him?

Derulo seems to like performing in Arab countries. 

Back in November, he had a shared concert with Egyptian singer/actor Tamer Hosny and French DJ David Vendetta in Cairo. 

He later hopped on a plane to Dubai for another performance - at Global Village this time - because, well, why not?