American actor Will Smith once referred to Dubai as one of his favorite cities on earth. And it seems as though karma is on his good side. Thanks to a post atop the city's iconic tower Burj Khalifa, he snatched the No. 3 spot in the latest social media ranking.

The actor stole the third slot on Hollywood Reporter's "Top Actors Social Media Chart" after posting a video atop the Burj Khalifa on Instagram. 

"I love Dubai, it fits my heart. Like I'm the spirit animal of Dubai," he says in the video.

Smith's video, taken in October but posted March 2, went completely viral after posting it, amassing over 7 million views on the platform.

Smith is no stranger to Dubai. In fact, he pops in the city pretty frequently. But, there was something about his latest video that got the internet stoked. Maybe it was the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, maybe it was the camera angle. Either way, it grabbed the attention of millions in minutes.

Previously, Smith ranked No.10 in the list. Hollywood Reporter's weekly chart ranks the most popular TV personalities based on data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus.

Smith was outranked by American actor Dwayne Johnson (No. 1) and Indian actress Priyanka Chopra (No. 2) in the list. 

The video that broke the internet:

In October, Smith shared a photo "on the highest toilet on Earth" ... the same day he shot the now-viral video

If you needed a bit more proof that Smith is completely and utterly in love with Dubai, here's a glimpse of some of the things he's documented during his countless trips to the emirate.

He got himself an illustrated Khaleeji version of himself! Do you need more proof?

In case you do: In 2013, he appeared at Barasti with DJ Jazzy Jeff

And then in 2014, he took on Skydive Dubai like a boss!

And then ... again in 2017!

He even tried out Ski Dubai in 2018

He did not miss out on picturesque sunset views during his stay

And of course, a family portrait was taken in the midst of the desert