Rich kids in the Middle East. We've all read about them, seen them and maybe even followed them on social media. 

But, there is one Emirati rich kid that just stole the spotlight after he casually hosted Mariah Carey in his home

Rashed Belhasa (aka Money Kicks) is the son of one of the wealthiest businessmen in the United Arab Emirates, Saif Ahmed Belhasa, a real estate and construction mogul. 

Belhasa is not only rich, but also incredibly famous. He is so famous that celebrities have to take an appointment with his agent to actually meet with him. 

It looks like Mariah Carey was the latest to actually do just that - during her trip to Dubai - where she put on a show at the Dubai Jazz Festival last week. 

Carey visited Belhasa's family farm - a place he usually hosts celebrities. She fed the giraffes while she was there ...

And then checked out Belhasa's sneaker collection ...

Belhasa is passionate about sneakers and he first started his YouTube channel Money Kicks in 2015, for the sole purpose of reviewing his collection of rare sneakers. 

The YouTube channel has garnered nearly half a million subscribers since then. 

Belhasa is serious about his passion for fashion. He co-owns a fashion line called KA-1 -a men's street-wear line- and hopes to become the youngest businessman in the Middle East. 

"I am proud to be an Emirati and doing this and representing. I want to be the youngest businessman in the Middle East. Inshallah, I will be soon," Belhasa said in an interview with Gulf News.

And of course, she got to nurse a baby tiger, too

But, wait is this still legal in the UAE? 

In January, the UAE passed a law making the possession, trading and breeding of exotic pets illegal. 

These animals are now only allowed in zoos, wildlife parks, circuses and breeding and research centers. After the law was passed, the government urged people to report cases of wild animals being domesticated.

So is Belhasa's "family farm" a wildlife park? A zoo? So many questions.  

It wouldn't be the first time Belhasa hung out with celebs. Nicki Minaj in the house?!?

Posing next to Jackie Chan and a cute little monkey ... like it's normal

Selfies with Paris Hilton ... not a big deal

RIHANNA? No ... now it's a big deal. Huge Deal. Not Fair.

You know just chilling with Steve Harvey

Who will be next?