For the second consecutive year, volunteers set up fridges across Dubai during Ramadan, allowing members of the community to drop off food donations for the less fortunate. 

The idea began in 2016 when Summayyah Sayed, a Dubai resident, placed a fridge outside her home and urged people to donate food or set up similar fridges in other locations via a Facebook group. 

Soon after its launch, the Facebook group gained substantial attention, garnering more than 23,500 followers within a few weeks. 

"We went from having a few fridges set up to over 150 in a very short period of time," Anne Mulcahy, the communication and media manager of the non-profit initiative, once told StepFeed.

The initiative was so successful that it came back for a second running in 2017. The social posts on the Facebook group will most definitely restore your faith in humanity.

Over 100 fridges across the city in 2017

Source: Facebook

Packed fridges all around town

Kids taking part in the initiative

Quench your thirst with these drinks

Source: Facebook

Fresh fruit cups for dessert!

Source: Facebook

Perfect goodie bags

A Ramadan Kid's Meal!

With "Ramadan Kareem" messages printed on the goods

And custom-made bags of color