The latest terrorist incident to hit Britain, saw three terrorists - later shot by police - ramming into pedestrians at London Bridge and randomly stabbing people at Borough Market late on Saturday, leaving 7 dead and at least 48 injured

On Sunday, the so called Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted to the group's media agency, Amaq.

London Police are currently investigating the incident and have since made many related arrests. 

In what seems to have become an unfortunate cycle of events that recur after almost every terrorist attack, the words "Muslim" and "Islam" were all over social media feeds in the wake of the latest act of violence to hit the country.  

Many were quick to blame it on an entire religion that has absolutely nothing to do with the violent rhetoric it represents. 

Amid all that, Muslims took to social media yet again via the hashtags #Londonattack, #prayforlondon and #notinthenameofIslam, to stand in solidarity with victims and send a powerful message of peace to the world. 

Many prayed for the victims and their families

London's Muslim Mayor reminded the world, yet again, that Britain "will never be cowed by terrorism"

"These actions are in no way a representation of Islam."

Terrorists shouted "This is for Allah," but it's not.

This is how true Muslims respond to hate

Remember that...

Not the first time Muslims challenge hate with acts of solidarity and kindness

This is certainly not the first time Muslims challenge hate with solidarity, peace and acts of kindness. 

In the wake of the senseless violence that hit London in March, Muslim communities launched crowdfunding campaigns to support victims and their families. 

Similarly, after the unfortunate terrorist attack on Manchester in May, Muslims stood in solidarity with victims, showing once again that hate has no religion.