American actor Ian Somerhalder landed in Saudi Arabia early on Thursday and his fans in the kingdom were thrilled, to say the least. 

The star of popular TV hits like Lost and The Vampire Diaries arrived in the country to take part in Jeddah's Comic Con, making an appearance at its opening. 

His arrival in the kingdom was announced via a tweet posted on the Comic Con event's official Twitter page and it literally sent people into a frenzy. 

In a video uploaded on the same page, Somerhalder sent a message to his fans in the country, saying he was looking forward to seeing them at the event and just completely broke Saudi Twitter. 

The American actor's arrival in the kingdom sent people into a meltdown

"He's here. Ian Somerhalder has arrived."

His video message to Saudi fans didn't do much to calm anyone down

People literally lost it

Some broke down over the news

"My love is in Jeddah and I am stuck here."

The breakdown was legit

"I wish I was Jeddah"

"Mashallah, may God protect him from evil eyes"

"My heart can't handle all this handsomeness"

"He's this close to me now and I can't meet him"

Everyone wanted to do this...

"Girls, are you ready?"

Several international celebrities will be attending this year's Comic Con

This year's event runs until Saturday the 24th of March and other than Somerhalder, it will see several other celebrities attend. 

On Friday, Wagner Moura, who's most known for playing the role of Pablo Escobar in the U.S. series Narcos will be meeting his Saudi fans. 

Vikings actor Gustaf Skarsgård will also be attending the Comic Con during a meet and greet set to be held on Saturday. 

This is the second consecutive year that sees Jeddah host a Comic Con in the kingdom. 

It comes a year after the 2017 event garnered huge success, with thousands attending it.