There is no shortage of talent in the Arab world. Especially in terms of rising stars. 

But, when the Huffington Post mentions one of our very own as one of "3 Rising Young Musicians," we just have to take note!

Maritta Hallani, a 20 year old AUB student from Lebanon was selected in the international online publication's latest edition, and we think it's well deserved. 

Maritta Hallani has been singing since she was 6 years old. Her father, renowned Arab singer Assi Hallani, discovered her talent and started taking her up on stage whenever the opportunity would present itself. By the age of 14 she had started her own YouTube channel.

Maritta sings in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. She's made public appearances on local TVs such as MTV Lebanon, whom she credits as being supportive "since day 1".  She has also taken part in festivals such as Lebanon's annual Baalbek International festival.

At age 18, Maritta released her first English single, called "Go". It was produced by DA Beat Freakz. After that, she released two Arabic songs that would also become hits, including: "Shtaatellak" (I've missed you) and "Chou Baddak" (What do you want?). 

Being on the Huffington Post is a very big deal for her, and for good reason. The international online publication credits her as being one of 3 other rising talents in the music industry that have "high chances on becoming Tomorrow’s Renowned Stars." Dua Lupa and Charlie Puth are also on the list, the latter of whom is already quite famous, having singles with Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez.