You might have seen it, the video of U.S. President Donald Trump praising the massive crowds circling the Kaaba in Mecca.

It's been making the rounds on social media over the past few weeks ... and some people actually fell for it. 

Trump calls the crowd a "sea of love"

“One thing this shows is how far over they go here, look how far this is, it goes all the way down, all the way down. Nobody sees that, you don’t see that… but when you look at this tremendous sea of life — I call it sea of love — it’s really something special, that all these people traveled from all parts of the country, maybe the world…” Trump can be heard saying in the clip.

And honestly ... the audio and footage looks about as real as it can get.

That's because most of the video is actually real ...

But Trump wasn't praising Mecca ... he was praising his own inauguration

Someone edited the picture on the wall in the video, watch below:

Arab News has mashed up the edited video with the original, revealing the not-so-subtle adjustment.

Trump got upset when the media accurately reported the relatively small crowd size at his inauguration

In the original clip, Trump was trying to convince a reporter that the media got it wrong. Apparently, the U.S. president hung a photo of the inauguration crowd in the White House, which he was using to make his point.

So, the video is mostly real ... but Trump wasn't talking about Mecca

But really, after his repeated calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., did anyone actually believe this hoax?