You've probably seen Cassandra De Pecol's face take on your social feeds this past month - after she became the first documented woman to travel to every sovereign nation in the world.

After exploring 196 countries, De Pecol announced her ten favorite countries and two Arab countries were among the list: Oman and Tunisia. 

The journey dubbed "Expedition 196" began in 2015.

Eighteen months and 26 days later, De Pecol not only became the first woman to travel to every country, but also broke a Guinness World Record for being the "fastest" person to do so.

Tunisia's archeological history blew De Pecol away!

Carthage Tunisia
Archaeological ruins in Carthage, Tunisia Source: WikiMedia

"To experience northern African culture with a Middle Eastern feel and an immense amount of archaeological history." - Cassandra De Pecol

There was one specific town that blew Pecol away in the North African country, Sidi Bou Said – situated 20 km away from Tunis, the capital. 

The town is known to be a hot-spot for artists. Artists who have lived in or visited the town include Paul Klee, Gustave-Henri Jossot, August Macke and Louis Moillet. 

Oman's picturesque sand dunes and lush wadis for the win!

Sand dunes of Oman Source: Tour Oman

"To immerse yourself in the desert and mountains, while learning from locals who live in the mountains, it's a whole different lifestyle." - Cassandra De Pecol

With it's beautiful deserts, lush wadis and vibrant cities, the sultanate is fast becoming one of the region's top tourist destinations. 

Oman is known for its top-notch beaches and picturesque sand dunes. But, there are a number of facts about the country that are often overlooked

Did you know Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world and that the ancient city of Al Wattih is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth?