American actress Hilary Swank sparked an online frenzy after she shared a selfie with one of Egypt's pyramids earlier this week. 

The Academy Award winning actress toured around the iconic monuments last week.

The tour was part of her recent visit to Egypt, during which she attended the closing ceremony of the 39th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF)

"When you photobomb a pyramid"

Fans couldn't even...

"AHHHH Egypt."

"Masr nawaret ya Hillary"

There were a lot of "P.S. I love you" comments

"Ya 300 ahlan wasahlan"

"Egypt loves you"

Not the first international star to marvel at the Pyramids

Earlier this year, Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince of Bel Air visited the monuments, posed with the Sphinx of Giza, and, of course, sent Twitter into a complete meltdown.

Messi visited too

Argentinean football star Lionel Messi visited Egypt earlier this year to participate in a charity event, “tour ‘n cure," which aimed to support patients suffering from Hepatitis C. 

His visit was widely covered by the country's media and it naturally made the rounds online. 

During his trip, Messi was given a tour of Egypt's iconic Pyramids and the country's veteran archaeologist and former Minister of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawwas labeled the visit as "the most important in the history of the pyramids."

Kourtney Kardashian also made the trip

And called it one of her "favorite trips ever."  

Obama visited in 2009

Sean Penn toured the landmarks as well

So did Morgan Freeman, Amitabh Bachan, and Yanni

The late Princess Diana visited in 1992