Late on Monday, Saudi police arrested 2 men who fired celebratory gunshots at a wedding in the kingdom's Tareeb governorate, Al Riyadh newspaper reported.

In his statement on the matter, Assir police department's official spokesman, Zaid Mohammad Al Dabbash said

"Officers were able to track down and identify 2 of the men involved in firing gunshots at the wedding. Their guns have been confiscated and our investigation into the matter continues ."

The arrests came after a video capturing the incident went viral on social media platforms over the weekend. 

In it, wedding guests are seen performing a traditional dance and firing shots into the air. 

Shots continued to be fired even after police patrols arrived at the scene and asked people to stop the shooting. 

The now-viral footage

"They absolutely deserve this"

"This negligence and chaos must be stopped"

"There is no reason whatsoever for anyone to fire gunshots at weddings"

"It's a tradition we all want to end"

Celebratory gunfire is an issue across the Arab world

While it's a widely popular tradition at weddings in Saudi Arabia, celebratory gunfire is also common in countries across the Arab world, including Egypt. 

Earlier this year, an Egyptian groom was left in a serious medical condition after he was shot in his "private parts" at a party held a night before his wedding. 

In October, an Egyptian wedding guest required surgery and hospital treatment after he was shot at a wedding. 

According to Al Masry Al Youm, the 30-year-old man was attending a wedding in Egypt's Bani Swef when a stray bullet hit one of his thighs.