Palestinian-American model Gigi Hadid is no stranger to standing up to haters, and this time, she boldly clapped back at those who think she doesn't deserve her success.

During a Reebok event in Sydney on Friday, Hadid addressed those who think her success is a consequence of her "privileged upbringing." Hadid's father, Mohamed Hadid, is a top-notch real estate developer, and her mother, Yolanda Hadid, is a former model and actress.

The 23-year-old model couldn't leave the critics at peace with their claims. Instead, she explained how her personal and parents' success is due to their incredibly hard work.

"People say that I don't deserve to be where I am because I come from this successful family, but my parents were f*cking hard-working. My dad was a refugee, my mum was on a farm, went to New York and worked to send money back to her family," she said, according to Cosmopolitan

"They worked their asses off and they've given me a life because of their hard work, and I work hard to honor that."

The 23-year-old also explained that she has worked with "kids who came from successful families" and witnessed their lack of work ethic. 

However, that's not the case for her or her parents.

"Work hard and be nice. We are all given titles by the world and we are told we're one thing, and we're flattened. We're told that we're not good enough," Gigi said, according to The Daily Mail.

This is not the first time Hadid has addressed such claims. 

"When I started out I wanted to prove myself so badly that sometimes I would overwork myself," she told Vogue Australia in July.

That's not all Hadid talked about

During her talk, Hadid took a moment to clap back at those who claimed she isn't Arab enough after appearing on the cover of Vogue Arabia in 2017. She expressed her utmost "respect" for her Palestinian roots and heritage. 

"When I shot the cover of Vogue Arabia, I wasn't 'Arab enough' to be representing those girls, even though I'm half-Palestinian," she said, according to Arab News.

"I’m as Palestinian as I am Dutch. Just because I have blonde hair, I still carry the value of my ancestors and I appreciate and respect that."