Since the late 1990s, the world has been celebrating the existence of men on Nov. 19 ... but it seems as though Arab women aren't embracing the festivities this year. 

On the occasion of International Men's Day, an Arabic hashtag surfaced on Twitter, ultimately becoming a top trend in several Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt. 

Women soon joined the conversation - but instead of celebrating, they mourned men's existence. This is not surprising as women in the Arab world are constantly fighting the patriarchy. 

"Men are celebrated every day and month of the year ... why more?"

Sarcasm dominated the conversation

"This is exactly what we needed right now."

"OK ... and what exactly do you want?"

Many were simply unimpressed by the whole thing

Others couldn't help but share their opinions

And wanted to use this moment to point out that "men are trash"

Savagery dominated the discussion

Do men even exist?

Others had to LOL at the celebrations

"And what exactly should we do for you guys?"

Others reminded men that the world doesn't need fragile masculinity

Not everyone joined the trolling though

"All the love and respect to every real, honest, dependable man out there and to every woman who trusted him and was not let down."