Technology baffles us most of the time, especially when it goes beyond its serious purpose. Sometimes these not-so-serious creations come in the form of robots that can dance. 

The world's most famous dancing robot Robozão is the best at proving how fun tech can be. This week, the 2.6-meter Brazilian robot arrived in Saudi Arabia, taking the kingdom by storm.

Naturally, Robozão hit the dance floor, as it always does, and videos of it busting Samri (traditional folk dance) moves along with a group of performers had people jealous of its ability to shake it. 

The robot doesn't shy away from displaying its skills ... after all, it's been programmed which means emotions are nonexistent. 

Videos of the moment were initially posted on the robot's official Facebook page, but nothing says "fast news spread" like a video shared on Twitter

Robozão "Samri" moves are on point

"He got the dance right"

"His software is Dossari"

"It's better at dancing than I am"

"It's not normal!! Its hand even shivers!"

"The Japanese are crying in a corner. All their efforts have gone to waste"

Now we've seen it all

Not the first time Robozão goes viral in the region

Earlier this year, the Brazilian dancing robot made an appearance at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and had people cheering its perfect dance moves.

The robot took over a NAFFCO - "the world's leading producer and supplier of life safety solutions" - event in Dubai and showcased its skills to a few popular Arabic tunes.

At the time, Robozão danced to Iraqi hit Taal - sang by Ali Jassim, Mahmoud Alturky, and Moustafa Al Abdullah. It also danced with spot-on moves to Saad Lamjarred's Lm'allem.

Robozão is quite popular on social media and at events

Other than participating in trending challenges like the #10YearChallenge, Robozão attends festivals, events, and conferences to entertain people.

It also has tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and a bit less on YouTube

Created by Brazilian Lei Almeida, who was an avid comics enthusiast as a kid, Robozão was based on Marvel's character Colossus