Eid is here! And we are happy for the long awaited holiday where we can spend quality time with family and friends, and binge on yummy Eid desserts prepared by mama. 

But .. here are some of the types of people we all see after the holy month of fasting is over. 

1. The heartbroken foodie

Though Ramadan is a month of fasting not feasting, some treats just disappear when Ramadan is over - like qatayef. 

2. The one who has been behaving the whole month and can't wait to get back into thug life mode!

3. The one who got his dreams of a perfect body mercilessly crushed, because of too much qatayef!

And instead of a six-pack, he got an airbag! :D   

4. People who can't wait for masyaf to begin!

They got their swimsuit ready are so excited for a dip in the sea! 

5. The one crying over his monthly salary that he had spent all too soon!

6. And is now dying for the 3eedeya!


7. The one who swears every 5 minutes!

He has been avoiding it for a whole month but once Ramadan is over, the balla3a is now open once again!