Goodbye Ramadan ... Hello Eid Al Fitr! 

The moment we've all been waiting for has  finally come. From the huge family reunions to the massive feasts (yes, they continue despite the fact that Ramadan is over) to the forced visits to your long-lost cousins' house ... these are certain characteristics that make this day quite unique.

To capture the day's charm, we've compiled a list of 12 hilarious memes that perfectly describe Eid day. You will want to share them with your friends in a Whatsapp group, no doubt.

1. It all starts with the struggle of #EidSighting

Source: Instagram

2. Not to mention the *morning-after-Ramadan-state-of-confusion*

3. Going out on the first day of Eid be like

4. *ME*

5. You develop "matching Eid outfits with a random stranger on the road" anxiety

Source: Instagram

6. Your Eid plans in a nutshell

7. Sooner or later, you realize we're all just potatoes

8. Where dem boys at?

9. Conspiracy theories take over

10. Repeat after me: No one is ever too old for Eid money

11. Girls during Ramadan versus Girls during Eid

12. The boys too!