Haifa Wehbe never fails to impress, and this time she has left a mark on gamers across the Arab world. 

The Lebanese star - who was appointed as the new ambassador of gaming app WIZZO - is the face of the app's latest army-style game titled Invasion.

The app is run by MBC Group, who believed Haifa is the perfect character for the game. 

"Having Haifa [Wehbe] as the ambassador of the game ‘Invasion’ on WIZZO was part of culturizing and localizing the game for the region and [she] was the perfect fit to the category of the game," Amin El-Husseini, senior mobile product manager at MBC Group, told Arab News.

The game is currently available on Android and iOS

Before people began their own invasions (in the game) ...

They invaded social media with countless mabrouks!

Others demanded people download the game ASAP

People were ecstatic to say the least

Outpouring support and love soon followed

Many just downloaded the game ... because Haifa Wehbe

The game was on fire ... because Haifa Wehbe

"The best thing that happened to a game"

"What a leader! Go gurl, go kill them"

Two words: Go Haifa!

Watch this video ... and no doubt you'll want to download the game