If the latest rumors are to be believed, an Arab version of American drama series 'Breaking Bad', is currently in production. 

According to MTV Syria, the series is set to be titled 'The pain of drugs', and might air in 2018.

In a post they shared on their official Facebook page earlier this week, the entertainment page posted images of the show's supposed Arab cast. 

Now, while it remains unclear whether there's any truth to the social media rumors, people are already imagining what the Arab version's cast could look like if the show does go ahead.

Here's a glimpse:

Abbas Nouri as Walter White

Bassem Yakhour as Saul Goodman

Jamal Sleiman as Mike Ehrmantraut

Suzanne Najm El Dine as Skylar White

Tarek Al Sabbagh as Walter White Jr.

Saloom Haddad as Hank Shrader

Wafa'a Al Moussali as Marie Schrader

Taim Hasan as Tuco Salamanca

And Motasem Al Nahar as Jesse Pinkman

People aren't sure how they feel about this...

Some are confused

"Are you serious or what?"

"5od ba2a"

Others can't even with the title

"This is the definition of bullshit"

We all don't want to believe this

"No, it's impossible. This is just a post about lookalike actors." 

Venting through sarcasm...

"Yep, looks exactly like the original."