Lebanese singer and actor Haifa Wehbe has been banned from performing in Egypt. This, in a decision taken by the Egyptian Chamber of Cinema Industry, the Theatrical Professions Syndicate and the Cinema Syndicate. 

Wehbe has also been barred from taking part in Egyptian film or music works, according to a statement released by production company el-Sobky Production. 

The decision comes after a month-long dispute between Wehbe and producer Mohamed el-Sobky, which initially began after the Lebanese star violated her contract during the shooting of the film Thanya Wahda.  

Wehbe shot another film titled Khair w Baraka at the same time, a film that was released during Eid Al Adha. In doing so, she violated her contract with Sobky just two days after the start of the shooting.

Wehbe has been asked to return $40,000 to Sobky, the amount given to her for her role in the film. 

In addition to this amount, the statement also said that Wehbe must pay $96,263 (1.7 million Egyptian pounds) to reimburse the cost of filming.

Wehbe's statement at the time of the initial dispute

In July, Wehbe issued a statement explaining that she had decided to terminate the shooting of the film Thanya Wahda, citing what she called lack of ethics on the part of Sobky's company. 

Wehbe then apologized for not committing to her contract and expressed hope in future collaborations.