No matter the political climate, Arab-Americans always find a way to flaunt their Arab pride, sometimes even more than Arabs living in the Middle East.

But, aside from the pride and joy, Arab-Americans have to deal with a number of problems, one of which is #IdentityCrisis101.

Here's a glimpse:

1. You grew up speaking "Arabeezi"

You spoke English with your American friends and Arabic at home and this ultimately caused both languages to morph into one: Arabeezi

You on a regular day: "Khalas, I don't want to go anywhere! Trekooni!"

2. Jamming out to Beyoncé and Fairouz in the same drive

This causes you to be extra cautious when driving your American friends around. 

You never let your American friends touch your playlist in the car because you’re too embarrassed to explain to them the Beyoncé-Fairouz combo.

3. Teachers, professors and colleagues can never get your name right

You’ve had your college professor for an entire semester, you've hung out with him during office hours, emailed him questions about class regularly and even on the last day of class, he still mispronounced your name.

4. You've gotten used to the endless number of marriage proposals from "random" strangers

You're Arab, he's Arab, then why not?

5. Arab family gatherings = pumpkin seeds + arguileh

Having to explain to Americans that eating dried pumpkin seeds and passing around a hookah as a family activity is a real challenge. 

6. You're not too Arab for your Arab friends ... and never too American to your American friends

#IdentityCrisis101 be like: 

You are often referred to as an ‘Amreekiya’ by your distant family back home, even if your Arabic is flawless ... and you're just never American enough for your American peers. 

7. People assume you are the UN representative of all Arabs

If anything remotely related to the Middle East is mentioned in class you suddenly become the United Nations representative for all Arabs.

Please, give me a break!