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We all know at least one Arab who grew up fel ghorba and then returns to the Middle East after a life abroad.

Whether it's your cousin or a college acquaintance, you've probably made a joke or two at the expense of this metgharab soul. 

And let's face it, you've probably formed an opinion about this person without even getting to know them...

However, the truth is, they’re probably judging you right back! 

Here are 11 things your foreign-born Arab counterparts are tired of hearing you say:

1. Why do you talk like that? Are you trying to be something you're not?

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Why do I talk like what, Farid? This is how I talk. It would be draining to pretend to have an American accent ALL THE TIME.

2. I bet you were always partying/had a loose upbringing

Listen, Yasmine, if you thought your father was strict, you should meet mine. 

I literally wasn't allowed to go to any friends' houses unless my parents knew their parents. 

And you can forget about hanging out with boys and staying out late. You could safely say that I led the life of a hermit.

3. What? You listen to Arabic music? I thought you grew up abroad?

Are you saying that me growing up ma3a el aganeb means that I can't listen to 7ama2i? Don't tell me what to do, Basel.

4. What? You watch Arabic movies? I thought you grew up abroad?

Yes, I watch a number of Arabic programs. As a matter of fact, I can recite Madraset el Moshaghbeen by heart from start to finish, musical numbers and all. So don't test me, Reham.

5. Why is your Arabic so bad?

How about you worry about how you lived in the Middle East your whole entire life but your Arabic is not that great and your English is just as bad? Take a seat, Toqa.

6. OR why is your Arabic so good?

This is a classic case of la keda 3ageb, wala keda 3ageb.

7. You must be rich!

If only you knew how the Aganeb lived. They're much simpler, less extravagant creatures than us Arabs. 

They don't throw daily food feasts and they certainly can't afford our lavish weddings. You’re probably much richer than I am, Kareem.

8. You can travel wherever you want with that agnaby passport, huh?

Well, what do you want me to say to that, Mena? 

*makes 5amsa w 5misa motion*

9. Follow up: Can you please lend me your agnaby passport? HAHA

No, Salma, I can't because I'm pretty sure that's a federal offense. You and I WILL go to jail.

10. I went to America once! For a week, about six years ago. Do you know that one restaurant by that one place? It was so good!

OMG yes, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about...

Go away, Mustafa.

11. I expected you to be stuck up, but you're actually cool

Well, if you had taken the time to actually get to know me, we would've never been in this mess, Duaa.