American-Palestinian model Gigi Hadid was named among Glamour's 2017 list of 'Women of the Year', an annual award show honoring extraordinary women ... and the 22-year-old once again reminded the world of her Palestinian heritage. 

Hadid accepted the award and dedicated her speech to her parents, telling the world that her Palestinian father, Mohamad Hadid, was a refugee at one point. 

Despite his struggles, he worked very hard to "make his dreams come true," a characteristic that she carries with her every day in her career.

"To my amazing family whose spiritual and emotional support of me through my life has been my backbone ... my dad who was a refugee from Palestine," Hadid said during her speech before the audience broke into applause.

"I'm so grateful for the life that you gave me ... and that you always taught me your work ethic." 

Other women on the list include singer Solange Knowles, actress Nicole Kidman and Muzoon Almellehan, the first-ever United Nations Goodwill Ambassador with official refugee status.

Dubbed the "Malala of Syria" in reference to the Pakistani activist for female education Malala Yousafzai, Almellehan fled Syria with her family in 2013 and lived as a refugee in Jordan for three years. 

There, she began advocating for children's right to access education, particularly girls. She resettled in the United Kingdom, where she continues her activism. 

Having received support from UNICEF, Muzoon has been helping the humanitarian program and working to shed light on the challenges children affected by conflict face in terms of accessing education.

People are beyond proud

"Props to Gigi Hadid for repping her Palestinian heritage"

"Gigi and her family have been vocal about their Palestinian heritage in the past"

Earlier this month, the 22-year-old model gave one of the most anticipated lipstick shades an Arabic name.  

Dubbed "Khair," which is Arabic for "benevolent," the signature red Maybelline shade was given after her sister Bella's middle name. 

The scarlet hue is apparently Bella's favorite color, and by naming it after her sister, Gigi is not only honoring her sibling but is paying tribute to her Arab heritage.

In February, the 22-year-old model protested against U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration ban alongside her mother and sister. They carried a sign that read:

"We are all humans." 

Her sister has also taken a few steps in the same direction.

In April, Bella Hadid proudly reaffirmed her identity as a Muslim in an interview with Porter magazine in which she said:

"I am proud to be a Muslim." 

Hadid's father was a refugee

Gigi Hadid's father, Mohamad Hadid, is Palestinian. His family moved to Syria after fleeing Palestine when he was just 18 months old. 

They eventually resettled in Jordan, where he represented the country during the 1992 Olympics, before moving to the United States at 18 years of age.