There were, are, and will always be millions of Zigi (Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik) fans around the world, and media outlets seem to be among them (us included). 

Hadid's former relationship with Malik has been the topic of discussion for quite some time now. She's encountered a lot of shade for their on-and-off relationship, and has called people out for interfering with her personal life on multiple occasions.

In Mar. 2018, the couple - who spent over two years together - broke up, confirming their split with heartfelt messages shared on social media. The duo was then spotted kissing in New York City months later, reigniting hope among Zigi fans. But, the hope was buried when the two reportedly split back in January. And it was buried even deeper when a photo of her "enjoying a night out with a male pal in New York" made international headlines recently.

The Daily Mail, a UK-based site, published an article revolved around Hadid's recent outing. In it, the site says Hadid "proved to be in high spirits as she enjoyed a chat with Samuel Krost, most famously known for appearing in the infamous Fyre Festival documentary." 

And Hadid is just tired of the media's assumptions that her "male pals" could be something more, something intimate.

In a tweet shared on Thursday, Hadid called out media outlets for speculating every time she is seen hanging out with a "male."

"Writing headlines every time I'm seen with a friend of the male gender"

She was referencing this photo

Some think Hadid is exaggerating

Some fans don't care, as long as her and Malik are happy (together or not)

Others are team #ZaynMalik no matter what

And many are #TeamHadid

"Say it louder"