"Send us books in English, new or used ... Freedom begins when one frees one's mind." 

These are the words of Mosab Abu Toha, a young Palestinian who lives in the Gaza strip. 

Abu Toha, a graduate in English literature, has set up an English language library through a Facebook page. 

He says he’s trying to help those who love to read books in English access them easily, amid the difficulties people face on a daily basis in the coastal enclave as a result of the Israeli blockade.

The 18 existing libraries in Gaza offer Arabic language books and even those are heavily censored by the Israeli administration, according to Your Middle East. 

This is why Abu Toha, who has never left the city, decided to establish the library. 

By starting the Facebook page 'Bookshop for Gaza,' Abu Toha called on people around the world to help by donating funds or books.

So far he has received more than 200 books and $2,000 in funds.

In an interview with AJ+, Abu Toha said the idea for the library "stemmed from the reality that we live in the Gaza Strip." 

According to the library's website the aim is also to provide students and researchers with electronic resources enabling them to access online databases. 

The initiative caught the attention of renowned linguist, historian and political activist Noam Chomsky. 

"It's a wonderful idea, I did send several books ... I am now collecting others," Chomsky told Al Jazeera

Donations in support of the initiative can be made through their Facebook page or website.