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We all know someone (if you aren't that someone) who spends countless hours on video games. The passionate and competitive nature of gamers is in and of itself a story. But, what if we told you there is one gamer who went to the authorities because he couldn't advance to the next level in a PlayStation game?

Well, it's true, and it happened in the heart of the UAE. A Dubai-based resident recently filed a consumer complaint after several failed attempts to progress in a game. The complaint was addressed to the Consumer Protection Department, as he believed he had been sold a faulty product, according to The National.

In the midst of an investigation into the case, it was revealed that the gamer's skills (or lack thereof) were pretty faulty.

"As our investigation was progressing we received a call from the complainant informing that he was able to move to the next level of the game, and he withdrew the complaint as the issue was not the product but lack of specific skills required to complete the game," said Ahmad Al Zaabi, head of consumer protection at Dubai's Department of Economic Development, according to The National.

The Consumer Protection Department ensures that individuals are not ripped off by product resellers. 

We bet the gamer wishes he was ripped off ... because just imagine the embarrassment.

There are more "skillful" gamers in the Arab world

In 2018, a young Saudi national epically won EA's (Electronic Arts) virtual FIFA 18 FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) World Championship, which was held in UK's northern city of Manchester.

After three days of final games, Saudi gamer Mosaed Al Dossary, known by his username Msdossary, emerged as the ultimate winner, beating 127 gamers from across the world.

Months after this epic win, Aldossary was crowned champion of the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final, taking home the competition's $250,000-prize money.