Egypt's pyramids are a hot spot on every tourist's must-visit list and that includes international celebrities.

The latest one to tour the site is Game of Thrones star Thor Björnsson (real name Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson), who recently posted a selfie on Snapchat with his wife at Giza's Great Pyramids. 

The star, who plays the role of Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain) on the mega hit series, was on vacation in the country and shared snippets of his visit online.

Naturally, the GoT star's trip to the Pyramids caught people's attention including fans who spotted him and his wife at the sight and made sure to take photos with them. 

The visit of the world's strongest man to the country didn't go unnoticed online either, as it got online users pretty excited too.

The world's strongest man took Egypt by storm

People wished they'd known of his visit

"Couldn't he have come on Saturday... we were there"

"Where were you? How come we didn't take a picture with him?"

"Didn't Cersei Lannister come with you?"

What about Jon Snow?

The star seems to like the Arab region

Back in March, Björnsson visited the UAE like most celebrities do. He took part of the Special Olympics World Games that were organized in Abu Dhabi.

He certainly had to go to Dubai for his trip to be complete. He went on a VIP desert safari session with his wife, as well as enjoyed some rooftops with views of the city. To no one's surprise, he also fed a white tiger ... which, to be honest, looked like a baby compared to him. 

Don't be fooled, though, he's been to the UAE before.

Björnsson surely isn't the only international star to recently visit the pyramids

Last month, former American boxer Mike Tyson was spotted visiting the site while on a work trip to Egypt. 

According to media outlets, the star was in the country to shoot his part in an Egyptian feature film titled Hamlit Faroon (The Pharaoh's Campaign). 

At the time, his visit to the Pyramids got people excited as images of him touring the area and riding on camels circulated on social media.