Over the weekend, a young Saudi man earned his title as an international gaming champion after winning EA's virtual FIFA 18 FUT World Championship, which was held in UK's northern city of Manchester.

After three days of final games, Saudi gamer Mosaed Al Dossary, known by his username Msdossary, emerged as the ultimate winner, beating 127 gamers from across the world.

The young Arab man "claimed the title after beating Philipp Schermer, known as Eisvogel, with an aggregate score of 6-4."

The tournament, which takes place on electronic consoles like PlayStations and Xboxes, saw over a hundred international competitors qualify for it after they won top spots at FIFA's Global Weekend League Leaderboard in February.

The majority of the contest is "played against other competitors on the same console, but the Grand Final is played between the PlayStation 4 champion and the Xbox One champion."

"I am the captain now"

Al Dossary announced the big win on Twitter

"Just won Fifa's World Championship and I can now say I am a world champion. I am truly grateful to everyone who supported me through this, this is my gift to you."

Saudis were pretty excited for him

Everyone went into celebration mode

"We can't commend your skills enough"

"You absolutely deserve this"

Many hailed Al Dossary as a legend

"Wallah la3eeb"

"You're such an incredible player." 

"Alf mabrook!"

Congratulations Mosaed!!