This winter has been particularly harsh in Saudi Arabia and people in the kingdom are really feeling the dips in temperatures

Over the past few days, temperatures dropped to below zero in several areas across the Gulf nation and hit unprecedented lows in previously drier cities including Riyadh. 

If you thought Saudis were about to just sit aside and lament the weather, think again. In the face of the freezing cold, they turned to humor to let off some steam (or freeze?), and the result? Hilarious memes.

Here's a look at some of the funniest ones:

Saudi cold memes for the win

Everyone be like

"It's not cold, who's telling you it's cold?"

"The cold weather in Riyadh when it sees you wearing shorts"

"Me when I try to do wudu'"

The only way to shower in Saudi these days

"If you decide to shower today"

Everyone's looking for people who love winter

"Are you the one who said 'winter came and my moral got better?' 

No, I swear it wasn't me." 

Some are resorting to desperate measures

"Quick I am late for work"

Saudis when this winter is over