Snow in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia in January 2020.

It's hard enough to convince stubborn, FOX-fed Westerners that Arab countries are not all one big desert with fleets of camels running through, let alone enlighten uninterested fellow Arabs about some stereotypes that have survived this long.   

Saudi Arabia, a country of many controversies, has it all. The clichés and the uncommon can be found along its vast lands; be it modern cities or sand as far as the eye can see, the kingdom makes time and space to fit it all. 

One remarkably arresting phenomenon - one that's all too common in other countries - would be the water vapor that immediately crystalizes to form what is known as snow. Due to Saudi Arabia's famous scorching summers and generally warm weather, one would think snow is almost impossible to make its way to the Gulf country. 

One lucky province, Tabuk, melts away all the standard images glued to the kingdom as fast as the snow does in it. Located in the northwestern region of the country and standing at the Jordanian border, Tabuk is home to a wide range of natural wonders including magnificent mountains, the Red Sea, and historical landmarks. The area has the power of shocking people year after year by bringing snowfall to Saudi Arabia.

The most recent snowfall in Tabuk happens to be the second time the northwestern region has seen snow in under a year. April witnessed a ground covered in white sparkling dustpeople were just as pleased then as they are now.

On Friday morning, people took to Twitter to post the wondrous beauty of a full-blown snowstorm hitting the region. They proved once again that the country should not only be known for its heat, vast deserts, and massive cities, but also for the surprises that come with each season. 

Every year, people living in Tabuk make sure to gather early in the morning on Jabal Al-Lawz to observe this phenomenon. Even people from outside the province hope and wish to one day be there during Tabuk's winter event of the year.

Onlookers park their cars on the side of the road to take pictures, socialize, and build deformed snowmen. Those living in the mountains, such as camel herders, make sure to dress their camels in tarps to keep them safe from the cold winds and snow.

It truly is an incredible sight to behold. 

However, each snowfall lasts a completely different length of time. Some have lasted only through the night while others, stubborn enough, have made it through longer periods. This is why people take the opportunity to experience it as soon as they possibly can. 

Before long, the snow will melt and the region will no longer be blanketed in white, leaving people waiting for the next time the natural phenomenon will dress the area in ice crystals.