On Monday, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah managed to win the Puskás Award for the goal of the year at The Best FIFA Football Awards in London. 

Salah's solo goal against Everton last season - a fine effort off the edge of the box and into the top corner - was named goal of the year with 38 percent of the 500,000 votes cast.

However, it was a controversial win for Salah, with Gareth Bale's scissor kick in the Champions League final thought to be the favorite. Cristiano Ronaldo's incredible bicycle kick goal in the same competition against Juventus for Real Madrid was also thought to be in the running.

The overall reaction was of anger towards the fan-voted system as well as FIFA, with Salah's effort appearing not to rate highly on anyone's list.

Football fans took to social media to show their irritation following the choice of the 26-year-old Egyptian striker.

No offence, but...

"What's wrong with you FIFA?"


"What a joke"

"One of the weirdest awards I have ever seen"

"Dreadful decision"

Some had this explanation...

While others thought it was a sympathy vote for Salah...

Which goal do you think deserved to win?

1. Gareth Bale's beautiful goal against Liverpool...

2. Cristiano Ronaldo's incredible effort against Juventus...

3. Or Mohamed Salah's stunning goal against Everton?