A couple in the Egyptian city of Alexandria has been arrested after trying to sell their unborn child on a Facebook group.

"If there is anyone interested in adopting an unborn baby who will be born in two weeks, please contact me through private message. Adoption directly from the mother and father. Serious people only," Facebook user Hana Mohamed wrote.

Her post, which was shared in the group "Adopt a Child", caused public outrage and instinctively led worried readers to report the incident to Egypt's National Council For Childhood and Motherhood, according to Gulf News.

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Prior to the arrest of the couple, a Facebook user had pretended to be a potential buyer and contacted the woman to confirm her intentions. 

The person selling the unborn infant then replied stating that the "selling price is 2,000 Egyptian Pounds ($111) non-negotiable". Shocked by the seller's reply, the "potential buyer" contacted Egypt’s child helpline and the authorities to report the incident.

Subsequently, Alexandria police forces carried forward the investigation by contacting the woman. This time, however, the husband - a 30-year-old man who works in a café - answered and confirmed that the offer was still on.

He asked those interested to wait for around two weeks, which is when his wife was scheduled to give birth. When the time came, an agent went to meet the couple and found a newborn baby girl present at the scene.

The newborn baby on sale is the couple's second child.

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In a statement on the matter, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood said that "the council formed a team from the child helpline to give medical support to the newborn child and follow-up with investigations from the Alexandria Prosecution".

According to media reports, the father refused to disclose the motives behind the proposed sale and will be asked to undergo a paternity test. Meanwhile, his wife, Hana Mohamed, is currently in hospital and under police custody.

People on Facebook were understandably upset...

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"How come? How is this happening?"

"So cruel"

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"You are so cruel. You want to sell your child before they even get to be born."

Good question...

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"Is this for real or what?"


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"You are heartless and merciless."