Footage capturing a National Day musical performance that took place on a domestic flight in Saudi Arabia caused quite the stir online over the weekend. 

In the now-viral video of the incident, instrumentalists can be seen walking into a plane, surprising passengers with a live show. 

Tweeps who posted and shared the clip on social media said it was captured on board a Fly Nas aircraft.

The video went viral all over Saudi Twitter

Soon after it started making the rounds on Twitter, the clip divided thousands on the platform. 

Many were delighted by the gesture and saw it as a great way to mark and celebrate the kingdom's 88th National Day. 

However, others, who believe music is haram (unacceptable) in Islam, were angered by the event and deemed it inappropriate.

Fly Nas' whole video

In addition to entertaining their passengers, Fly Nas offered free flights on September 23rd to celebrate furthermore the kingdom's 88th national day. But regardless of the gestures, tweeps still found ways to comment. 

A heated debate ensued on the platform, with many attacking the show

"Where's your respect for the wishes of those who don't attend concerts nor listen to music to please God...?!! What would have been the reaction of those who claim to be liberal had someone played recitals of the Quran or Islamic anthems instead...!"

And feeling infuriated by it

"This is laughable and silly. Why force people to listen to what's haram. Where's the respect for these passengers' wishes?"

Some were completely against the performance

"This is shameless! So many people don't listen to music out of respect for their faith. An airplane is a public space. What happened here must never take place again."

Not everyone was upset by the video though

"In the skies of the kingdom."

Many did defend it

"For years, extremists didn't respect our wishes. You open your eyes and see women forced to wear black! It doesn't suit you to ask for your choices to be respected."

And thought people were making a big deal out of nothing

"You made me feel like they barged into the flight with guns and bombs. You should have no control over this, it's their aircraft and it's up to them how they choose to celebrate."