Egyptian actress and belly dancer Fifi Abdou never fails to impress the world with her moving hips ... even at the age of 65. 

This week, Abdou posted a video to all her social media platforms in which she can be seen swaying left to right in an attempt to flaunt her remarkable dance skills. To no one's surprise ... she succeeded big time. 

Naturally, the video inspired a number of Arabs to create a meme out of it. 

The video went viral ... because Fifi Abdou

1. On bomb pictures

2. On hunger and mloukhiye

3. On mental breakdowns not getting in your way

4. On blowing off some steam after a lecture

5. On putting your exams, stress, and relationships aside

6. On your ex's assumptions

7. On insomniac episodes

8. On having a counterproductive brain

9. On getting paid

10. And then ...

"The resemblance is uncanny."