On Wednesday, singer and songwriter Zayn Malik dropped the music video for his latest single "Entertainer" and the internet is simply obsessed.

Featuring intimate scenes with model Sofia Jamora, the racy music video has amassed over two million views on YouTube in one day, with fans' comments still pouring in. 

However, there is one recurring theme in the comment section: The fact that the music video was released during the holy month of Ramadan.

Based in a strip club, the music video captures the half-Pakistani artist getting it on with Jamora, who some say resembles his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Since the release coincides with Ramadan and considering Malik's Muslim background, Muslim fans had a lot to say about the music video. 

Many took to social media to crack jokes and express their mixed feelings about watching the video during Ramadan:

Muslim fans found the timing disappointing

And they didn't hold back on informing "brother Zayn"

"The devil works hard but Zayn Malik works harder"

Still, they couldn't help but watch the video...

So some broke their no-music rule

The epitome of a guilty pleasure

Meanwhile, others had stronger willpower

"After Ramadan habibi"

"It's Ramadan but I'm going to Jahannam anyways"

Halal memes made an appearance

Apart from the timing, people are beyond impressed with Malik's work

"Too good to be real"

Watch the video here: