Zayn Malik (L), Sadiq Khan (R) Source: British GQ

British GQ magazine held its annual Men of the Year awards this week, and two prominent Muslims were among the awardees.

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan and pop-star Zayn Malik made the cut. Khan was honored as the Politician of the Year, while Malik received a nod for his fashion, being named the year's Most Stylish Man. 

Khan has become a major force for social change in the UK

As the United Kingdom faces the looming reality of Brexit, Sadiq Khan has been a powerful advocate for the people of London, who overall voted to remain in the European Union. 

As the great city's first-ever Muslim mayor and as a progressive political voice, Khan has become iconic in British politics. The very popular politician has stood as a prominent voice of reason against xenophobia in the country.

During London's Pride 2016, Khan showed his unequivocal support for the UK's LGBT community by leading his city's annual pride parade. 

This year, Khan threw his support behind an initiative that brought LGBT individuals and the Muslim community together during Ramadan for a special iftar. 

Malik's fashion and music are on point

Malik, who has proudly claimed his Muslim heritage on more than one occasion, has been making waves in the past couple years, since his dramatic departure from the British boyband One Direction.

While some were sad to see him leave the internationally popular group, Malik has managed to carve out a solid solo career while also positioning himself as a fashion icon. Malik launched his own collection with Versace earlier this year, featuring Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid in the label's campaign.

The pop star and fashion icon also happens to be dating Hadid's sister, Gigi. The couple recently celebrated Eid together with their moms.