Lebanon's World Cup celebrations are quite unique, despite the fact that the Lebanese national team has never qualified to compete in the international football tournament. 

During the World Cup, football fans in the country flaunt their support for foreign teams competing in the tournament by hanging flags on their cars and draping them over their balconies.

One thing the Lebanese football community really stands out for is their unconditional love - or perhaps obsession - with the national team of Brazil.

Could it be attributed to the fact that there are at least 6 million people of Lebanese origin living in Brazil, making it home away from home?

Could it be because "Brazil has a larger Lebanese population than Lebanon itself"?

"Technically, I have to root for Brazil"

Groups have performed the "dabke" on the streets in support of Brazil

"Lebanese cheer for Brazil like it's Lebanon playing in the World Cup"

Brazil? No, this is Lebanon.

Have Brazilian flags in the country outnumbered Lebanese flags?

Their celebrations are outside-of-the-box, indeed

"Lebanon loves Brazil more than Brazil loves Brazil"