A Saudi bride was left desperate after a wedding dress she had ordered from abroad arrived in the kingdom on the night she was set to celebrate getting married.

That's when the manager of Tabuk governorate's mail authority, Fayez Sayyar Al Enezi, stepped in to save the day.

Even though the garment had arrived on Saturday, a non-working day in the kingdom, the man took it upon himself to deliver the dress to the bride right in time for her wedding, Sabq reported.

Traveling 260 kilometers in his own car to reach her location in Taima'a, Al Enezi's kind gesture has since gone viral on Saudi Twitter and completely won over people's hearts.

The news is all over Saudi Twitter...

People absolutely loved it

And hailed Al Enezi's kind gesture...

"He did this outside of working hours even though the mail department had nothing to do with the parcel being late. He must be thanked. For those saying it was simply his job, I don't think they would've done the same thing he did if they found themselves in a similar situation." 

Many were so moved by it...

"He deserves to be honored." 

"Such a respectable human being"

"He saved the day for this unfortunate bride"

"I am happy even though I have nothing to do with this"