To the disappointment of countless Middle Eastern football fans around the world, Arab teams have all been eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The four Arab teams that have taken part in the international football tournament - namely Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco - all failed to qualify to the knockout stage.

Still, the World Cup frenzy has been in full force across the Arab world, especially on social media. From tweets and memes to creative videos, Arabs are having plenty of fun commenting on the proceedings of the competition.

This viral tweet is a case in point

Among the many World Cup-related Arab posts that have been making the rounds online is a tweet questioning the sports Arabs excel at. 

"In which sport could Arabs win a World Cup?" Twitter user Abdallah Sallaj asked in an Arabic post last week.

As per the social media norm, many tweeps did not take the question seriously but instead replied with outpouring sarcasm.

Here are 16 of the best responses to Sallaj's question:

1. We're the reigning champions of the meme culture

2. Paying the bill in the Arab world is the epitome of an extreme sport

3. Our daily workout: Jumping to conclusions

4. The Ronaldo VS. Messi debate is no joke

5. Arab humor FTW

6. Nothing can beat our belly dancing skills

7. Arab food never disappoints

8. "Dribbling mansaf"

9. Drama, drama, drama!

10. "Arguing online over silly topics"

11. Tattletale relatives, we're looking at you!

12. Some people got political

13. "Increasing prices"

14. "The sport of issuing fatwas"

15. Others took the question more seriously and reminded us of the oft-forgotten Arab talents

16. Egyptians actually dominate the world rankings in squash

After his initial post went viral, Sallaj tweeted that he was surprised to learn about the Arab world's achievements.

"When I wrote the tweet, I did not expect this to happen. But I have discovered something important: There are many international sports achievements that we (Arabs) should be proud of, but they are marginalized in the media so we do not hear about them," he wrote.