An expat doctor based in Saudi Arabia was referred to the country's public prosecution after he violently beat a woman on a bus, Sabq news site reported

The incident took place last Friday and saw the Arab doctor slap the woman and break her nose on a public transportation bus in the kingdom's Al Markazia area.

The victim, who was volunteering at a camp serving pilgrims in Mecca, was on her way back home after ending a shift. An argument broke out between her and the abusive man as she was exiting the bus.

The man was upset that the woman took long to get off

According to a security source who spoke to Sabq news site, the woman was getting ready to step off the bus when she noticed the exit door was crowded with men. To avoid overcrowding, she chose to wait until some left. The defendant, who was behind her, got upset and a verbal argument ensued between the two.

The man then slapped the woman and she hit back at him, throwing a plastic bag in his face. Retaliating, he beat her using an umbrella, severely injuring her face. The defendant was detained shortly after and confessed to assaulting the victim during investigations. 

He is now set to face a trial in the case.

The news left many shocked

A few tried to blame the victim

"Before, a woman was protected and taken care of at her home."  

Others were having none of that though

"A woman who was volunteering to serve pilgrims and he beats her? I can't believe he's a doctor."

Many called on authorities to take strict action against the man

"Deport, deport, deport and blacklist him."