Health authorities in Saudi Arabia's Jazan governorate launched an investigation into an incident that saw a cleaner treat a patient in a local hospital, Sada news site reported

This came after a video capturing the worker fixing up an oxygen machine went viral on Twitter earlier this week. 

In the footage, a man can be heard sarcastically poking fun at the cleaner, saying: "You left the garbage and are working as a nurse." 

The worker then responds with: "I work in everything."

The short clip infuriated thousands on Saudi social media, many of whom had called on authorities to take action. 

The video is still making the rounds on Saudi Twitter

Some are outraged by it

"So negligent! People's lives are in the hands of reckless hospitals." 

"A catastrophe"

Many called on authorities to closely monitor the issue

"The situation needs close monitoring and follow up." 

Not everyone thought the worker deserved to be investigated though

"So what!!! Good on him, he didn't do anything wrong."

"Maybe the person filming him asked him to put on the oxygen machine"

A few who claimed to know the cleaner in person, came to his defense

"This poor man is better than so many people who work at this hospital. I know him personally as I am often in the ER, he helps everyone out."