Last week, Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot took to Twitter to call for the protection of children against gun violence.

Gadot's tweet featured a banner that read, "Protect kids, not guns," in response to the recent school shooting in Florida that saw 17 people killed.

However, people could not help but pinpoint one discrepancy in her stance: the fact that she has previously served in and expressed support for the Israeli military.

Twitter users were quick to describe Gadot as a hypocrite and remind the world that she has publicly voiced support for the Israeli military, which continues to oppress and murder Palestinian children on daily basis.

The 2004 Miss Israel, who served in the Israeli army for two years, publicly supported Israel's bombing of Gaza in 2014, which left more than 1,400 Palestinian civilians dead - including hundreds of women and children. 

According to a 2014 report, one Palestinian child had been killed by Israel every three days for the past 13 years.

By January 13, the occupation forces had already killed three Palestinian children in 2018.

Just this weekend, Israeli forces killed two Palestinian children and wounded two others, the Palestine News Network reported. The victims, who were reportedly attempting to cross the border fence with Israel in Al-Shokah village, were unarmed and did not carry any acts that would pose a substantial threat. 

So, given Israel's ongoing crimes against Palestinian kids, people roasted Gadot for her recent post:

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