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Bizarre Arab divorce cases are simply endless, with couples calling it quits over things you'd never imagine. 

The most recent case to go viral online was revealed by Emirati lawyer and legal consultant Hasan Al Marzouki.

In a statement to Al Bayan newspaper, the attorney spoke about a case he came across which saw a bride divorce her groom right before celebrating their union, because of a fight over their wedding party venue.

The couple, who were officially married, separated after the woman got upset that her husband changed the venue she'd picked out for their wedding bash. 

Not the only weird divorce case Al Marzouki has dealt with in recent months

The lawyer spoke of a wife who divorced her husband because he kept forgetting her birthday and other anniversaries.

He also revealed a case which saw a woman separate from her husband because his social class "was beneath hers and her family."

In his interview, Al Marzouki attributed the recent divorce cases to a lack of knowledge when it comes to values of marriage, especially among young people. 

He also called on authorities to launch pre-marriage courses and workshops that teach couples more about the responsibilities of married life. 

Similar divorce cases have previously been reported in the country

In May, an Emirati groom divorced his bride 15 minutes into the couple's marriage because he felt he had been insulted by her father.

The two men had previously agreed that the bride's dowry would be 100,000 dirhams ($30,000) with half the amount expected to be paid upon signing the marriage contract.

The groom paid the first installment of the money right after the marriage ceremony ended. As he left the court, the bride's father told him he expected the second half to also be paid right then and there. 

The newlywed then asked his father-in-law to wait a few minutes so he could get the cash, but the latter refused, ultimately resulting in divorce between the couple.

Divorce rates continue to be incredibly high across the Arab world

Divorce rates in many parts of the Arab world are incredibly high, despite the cultural and societal barriers that make it incredibly hard for married couples to file for divorce.

From Saudi ArabiaJordan, Kuwait, to Egypt and the UAE, the issue affects several societies in the region. 

Sociology experts attribute the high rates of divorce to social and economic factors that often affect couples across the region.