Earlier this week, Egyptian authorities in Ain Shams arrested a married couple for setting up a "wife swapping" network on Facebook, Youm 7 reported

According to the local newspaper, a public prosecution official, Islam Al Ahmadawi, ordered the immediate detainment of the couple after becoming aware of the case.

Their arrest came after police got an anonymous complaint about a man who posted explicit images of his wife on social media. 

The husband called on married men "looking for pleasure" to swap their own wives with his.

A search of the man's Facebook account corroborated the anonymous tip

A search of the defendant's Facebook account revealed he had planned to organize wife swap sex parties and was in touch with several men interested in his offers.

Public prosecutors are currently investigating the case. 

During initial interrogations, the accused woman told investigators her husband had been complaining of the "routine in their marriage," and had mentioned plans to host sex parties in their apartment.

The news made the rounds on Twitter

People were left shocked

"It got to this?"

Many were just speechless


"All of this is happening in Egypt?? Scandalous." 


Not the first time similar arrests are made in Egypt

This isn't the first time Egyptian authorities arrest couples involved in wife swapping networks. 

Last year, police arrested several couples who were part of what was labeled "the largest wife swapping network" in the country.

Similar to the most recent reported case, people involved in the group had also set up social media pages to advertise sex parties and other events related to their community.