Kuwaiti authorities arrested four people who forced 26 Asian men to cross-dress and provide 'special services' at massage parlors, Al Rai Newspaper reported on Monday.

The arrests came after security services received information on the gang from anonymous sources. 

The sources had claimed that the workers, who were held in captivity at their places of work, were being subjected to horrific sexual abuse at parlors located in two Kuwaiti cities, Mahboula and Abu Halifa. 

After lengthy investigations into the suspects, a Kuwaiti national, a Bedoon (stateless) man, and two Asians, it was discovered that the allegations made against them were true. 

The incident is now being investigated as a human trafficking case.

Workers were beaten, sexually assaulted, and forced to work

During the investigation, several victims were interviewed. 

In their testimonies, workers described how they were often beaten, forced to crossdress, wear makeup, and have sexual relationships with clients. 

They also added that they had been forced to work long hours without rest and often ended up not being paid their salaries. 

Speaking to Al Rai, an anonymous security source said that although the four suspects have already been arrested, investigations into the case continue.